I work with spaces, people, processes. I am interested in the complexity of cities, in housing, mobility and public space.

Background: I have been working in urbanist projects, doing so with different organizations, and since 2016, together with two colleagues as 'BAO'.


Being rooted in both Psychology and Urban Design, I closely collaborated with 'More Than Shelters' for the last two years, e.g. designing and initiating spatial solutions in the field of refugee integration in Germany. Besides, I set up a game for civic neighborhood participation and other projects alike.


As a freelancer, I accompany and facilitate teams in their learning of human-centered design methodologies (also in "non-design spheres"). Together with my colleagues at the collective 'What Would Harry Do?', I co-designed and ran countless workshops and developed conceptual designs in the fields of urban mobility and public space.


Projects and work (selection)

Planning and design research projects
as part of BAO office

Application and initiation of design processes: designing and facilitating workshops and projects

SCHILLERKIEZ. A sensitive and open-ended concept for future forms of living, housing and working

MUNICH METROBOLISM – a metabolic strategy for space, infrastructures and development of Munich's East

Urban research, neighborhood and public space observations and small-scale interventions

"PLAY THE KIEZ", a planning game
for neighborhood participation


To see more about me and some of the projects / work I have been part of:

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The projects undertaken comprise of these activities: